Fiber Laser Cutting

Fiber laser cutting is a reliable and cost-effective solution for production cutting thin parts. It’s extremely accurate, and can cut small details with almost no material loss. 

Speed: Our fiber lasers can achieve speeds over 10x greater than the speed of our water jets, with no loss in accuracy or quality. 

Accuracy: Although our stated tolerance guarantee is +/-0.015″, fiber laser cut parts consistently CMM well within 0.005″. 

Detail: Fiber laser cutting can cut tiny details, less than 0.06″ in diameter, quickly and precisely on metals less than 0.08″ thick without distortion. As thickness increases, warping, discoloration and “blow-outs” increase. 

Cutting cost: Fiber laser cutting provides considerable cost savings compared to water jet cutting when cutting thin materials. Depending on substrate, once thickness surpases 0.125″-0.375″, it is optimal to switch to water jet cutting. 

Edge Quality: Laser cutting does create a heat-affected (hardened) edge, especially on carbon steel. Although this does not affect most applications, it can create difficulties when machining or powder coating. If this affects your process, consider switching to water jet cutting.

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