[No manufacturing facility would be complete without professional welding capabilities! We have the equipment for MIG and TIG welding and the talented people to weld stainless steel, steel and aluminum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size of material can you handle?

We can handle materials up to 1″ thick, and virtually any width, height and length.

What is the cost for welding?

All welding is billed by the hour; thickness, complexity and length of the weld will all affect the price. To get accurate costing, just request a quote below!

Can you weld the stock I bring in, or do I have to use yours?

Both! We can supply almost any material you need for your job, including special order metals, but you can bring material in to be cut as well! We do not charge more if you choose to supply your own stock.

Do you have a MOQ or minimum charge for welding?

No! We often weld small, single parts. There is no minimum charge or order quantity, although all jobs are subject to setup and processing costs, rarely resulting in a job below $40.00 before shipping. We recommend ordering all your parts together, to save on these costs.

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