Powder coating is a ferrous and non-ferrous coating solution with many advantages, including no cure time, low cost, and long lasting protection. We have over 50 powder coat colors in stock and ready to coat, and can get most specialty or RAL colors in only 1-2 days. We have several ovens, the largest being approximately 26″ X 49″ X 98″.

How Does Powder Coating Work?

Many people think powder coating is the same as paint, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! From a distance, they may look like similar coating methods, but they are very different in a variety of ways.

Unlike paint, powder coating is applied in a dry, powder form. It is sprayed through a special gun that applies a electrostatic charge to the partials, which causes them to be attracted to the part to be coated, which is grounded. Once the part is fully, evenly covered on the part, it is put in the oven to cure. The particles melt, forming a uniform shell, and when removed from the oven they harden.

What are the Benefits of Powder Coating?” 

Powder coating has a large variety of benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send parts to you to be powder coated, or do you have to make them?

Both! We can water jet cut, machine and coat them for you, but you can send in your own parts as well! We do not charge more if you choose to supply your own parts.

What is the turnaround time for powder coating?

Although the lead time depends on the job and if we have the color in stock, we can typically coat small jobs in only a few days. Larger jobs depend on the prep time and condition of the pieces before coating (if you’re sending your own pieces). If we’re fabricating the pieces here, the lead time is often faster than if you drop off your own.

I want to drop off some pieces to be powder coated. What are some things I should know?

Powder coating quality is all in the prep, and we take it seriously! Although we can do all the prep for you (and do if we’re manufacturing the parts), there’s a few things you may want to do if you’d like to lower the cost and ensure a great finish:

  • Laser cut metal has heat affected edges that all powder has trouble sticking to. It’s best to grind/sand the blackened surface before coating, to ensure the powder sticks well (if you want to avoid this work in the future, you may want to check out our Water Jet information page!)
  • Heavy oil/tapping fluid is sure to ruin your finish! Even though all parts are thoroughly cleaned before coating, you may want to remove any excess oil from your parts.
  • If you have sections you don’t want coated, please mark them or tape them off so we can protect them from the coating. Powder coating is so strong, it’s not easy to remove afterward!
  • Powder coating can require parts to be heated to over 400°F. Please ensure your parts can take the temperature!

How much does powder coating cost?

Costs depend on a lot of different factors, including the size of the piece, number of pieces being coated at one time, condition of the piece before coating and the preparation needed to coat them. Clean, sandblasted parts save a lot of preparation time and result in a lower cost. If you’d like a fast, accurate quote, just submit your request using our quote form!

Do you have a MOQ or minimum charge for powder coating?

No! We often coat small, single parts. There is no minimum charge or order quantity, although all jobs are subject to setup and processing costs, rarely resulting in a job below $40.00 before shipping. We recommend ordering all your parts together, to save on these costs.

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